splay & display

by milk moustache

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Recorded & Mixed by Luke Mumford
All songs written and performed by Kt Lamond & Milk Moustache

Recorded at Milk Mansion - Halifax, Nova Scotia


released October 8, 2013



all rights reserved


milk moustache Halifax, Nova Scotia

Milk Moustache is gross.

kt lamond - guitar/vocals
kirk schnare - bass/vocals
rebecca o'quinn - keys
mike andrews - bass
chris wilson - drums

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Track Name: on: dark
the walls are coming down now
every one of our dreams are falling apart
and every morning we're waking up to more dark
Track Name: splay & display
imply what you want - deny what you want
state what you want and negate what you want
but I don't want to hear about it
all i ever hear about is all about it

inflate who you want - satiate who you want
splay who you want and display who you want
but i don't want to think about it
please, don't make me think about it
all i ever think about is all about it
Track Name: sister
you can't win 'em all
it seems we can not win at all

summer days spent climbing trees
my mother's love on bloody knees
i don't know where that went in time
conditional since age of nine
this is the skin i've grown into
there's not much cautery can't do
'cause i'm alright now
i'm just fine

we're crying there in '94
there's broken dishes on the floor
we're frozen there in shock and halt
we're only kids - it's not our fault
conditioning for years to come
she may be crazy but our mom
but, we're alright now
we're just fine

you can't win em all - it seems we can not win at all

it's christmas day and it's a drag
our presents from a garbage bag
the tension; it is building still
a masochistic urge to kill
our grandmother was with us there
it was okay, although, not fair
but, we were alright
we were just fine

she's twenty-six and laying there
i wet her lips and touched her hair
"don't leave me now it isn't fair"
i plead into an empty stare
"it's just a thing we're getting through
'cause if you die then i'll die too
so, say you're alright, Jill
say you're just fine."

it's alright
tell me your fine
put down that phone... i'm on my way
i'm coming home tonight
Track Name: sticks & stones
it's flowing now
the blood is flowing down the drain
a life alone
i'm sure the dark will feel the same
it's going down
but it's all going down in vain
a bare apartment and a stubborn stain

sixteen years living in a broken home
ain't gonna get you more than
a chest of knick-knacks and sticks & stones
and at twenty-eight he's still carrying it alone
the weight is crippling and he's going home
Track Name: jennifer poops at parties
well, he wanted to know what you mean when
you say the grass on the opposite side, true as tide,
is always greener
and don't step on a crack
or you'll break your mom's back
it's a warning
red in the night is a delight
but it's bad in the morning

he wanted to know what you meant when
you said the proofs in the pudding
in hindsight, the pain is heaven sent
don't go counting your batch
'til those chickens do hatch
you'd be jumping guns
i've got six of one
but with half a dozen
i'd be pleased as punch
Track Name: wild card
you weren't the one for me
but optimistically i tried to force that key
and when i had to let you go
well, even though i knew i tried to pretend for you
i played a leading role
but when those credits rolled i finally had to bolt
and though i tried my best
you will not rest unless you get to see me choke

how do you stop what you wish you didn't start?
the heartbroken are vengefully breaking hearts

it's been eight months of this
psychosomatic issues and hissy fits
it's not my job to do; to try and humour you
you are a big girl, too
i've dealt the softest blows and been available
a little too much maybe
but if you demand the truth
i couldn't stay with you if you damn well paid me